Remembering Dr. Woolfson

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On September 15, 2015, we faced the terrible loss of our beloved colleague, dear friend, mentor, compassionate, mega-skilled surgery specialist Dr. Joel Woolfson. He was family. Words cannot convey the depth of love and respect we at the office felt for him. Joel's sense of justice and pain control for the good of animals was exemplary. Annie, the lab he rescued, was by his side for all things at all times and lived until she was 16. His standards of excellence were like no other, and his surgical skill level a deeply honed art. He stuck with a case to the end (even years later) and the buck stopped there with him. The way Joel communicated with animals is how we all strive to be.....his compassion was clear in the way he gently approached and sweet talked animals. He was always available to consult with on tough medical cases or view radiographs. We will forever miss this remarkable soul, be forever better people and veterinary professionals because of him, and will always cherish his influence on our lives.